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Woodcore Anti-static Raised Access Floor HPL / PVC

Woodcore Anti-static Raised Access Floor HPL / PVC

Type: Woodcore Floor

Size: 600x600x30/40/45mm

Surface Type: HPL / PVC /Ceramic


Woodcore Anti-static Raised Access Floor HPL / PVC...


Antistatic Woodcore Access Panel is made of high-density chipboard. The top surface is stuck with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or Conductive PVC or granite, the bottom finish is covered with aluminum foil or galvanized steel sheet.Enclosing a high strength high-density chipboard as core Four edges are sealed with black PVC edge trim.


Light weight, less noise and comfortable when walking through

Smooth floor surface, high dimension accuracy and good interchangeability

Good loading capacity and excellent anti-static properties

Good sealing and water-proof

High dimension accuracy and environmental proof




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